Zenith: Humble Happy Hour

Zenith is an action-RPG ready to make you laugh! Scroll through its reviews and you’ll see it described as ‘Hilarious….awesome and ridiculous‘! Sounds intriguing right? Well your luck is in, as we’re offering you a free 1 hour trial of Zenith for the Humble Happy Hour!


Zenith: an action RPG coated with humour

Argus windell was a pretty good wizard, an Arcanologyst to be precise. He knows everything there is to know about ancient artifacts, but I guess an apocalypse unleashed in the middle of a war has a way to change your views on the whole “unveiling the mysteries of the universe” thing. So he retired, looking for peace and quiet.

But that’s not easy to get in a world full of spike-haired buffoons who drag their giant swords around and mess things up with their chosen-one complex. Especially when you’re trying to keep one of those dangerous devices out of the reach of their greasy heroic hands.

Zenith is an action RPG coated in humour. Adventuring! Exploring ruins! Saving the world! You know the drill. A single player game with an actual story. No oneiric or do-it-yourself crap. You won’t need to piece the story together by yourself as if it was a swedish chair. We promise…


Zenith Humble Happy Hour     Zenith Humble Happy Hour

The Humble Happy Hour

If you’ve only just discovered us (you’ve been missing out!) we’ve been working alongside the Humble Store to offer you a different game to play each week for 1 free hour. These are the games that we’ve given you the chance to play so far: This is the Police; Lifeless Planet; Action Henk; Mini MetroThe Silent AgeSkyhillHueEpistory and Shu. Fear not, there are still more games lined up!

To access the Humble Happy Hour, all you need to do is visit the Humble Store where you can download and play 1 hour for free. This week we’re giving you free access to Zenith.

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The Humble Happy Hour has now ended but you can still play a free trial of Zenith from the GameSessions website.

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