Building a PC in a Nerf Gun!

Although this was part of the GameSessions Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge, to me the concept of this Nerf Gun build wasn’t so much to build the cheapest gaming PC,  but to build something worth talking about.

I wanted something that would play all the GameSessions free trials at full HD, the system components were a little over spec-ed to ensure it could be take seriously as a gaming rig, but I also needed to keep the cost down.  Here’s more info on how the physical build went.

Nerf Gun PC Build

So taking inspiration below, from our Dear Leader above:

Nerf Gun PC Build

A computer fused with a nerf gun seemed perfectly reasonable!



Item List for the Nerf Gun PC

All items were bought from ebay because prices were, on average, cheaper than anywhere else.


Technical Details Price
Motherboard ASRock H61MV-ITX £54.10 Small enough to fit inside the gun.
CPU Intel Pentium G2030 £44.90 Cheaper than an Core i3 and faster than equivalent (in price) A6 from AMD.
Graphics card EVGA GTX 750ti £113.70 Mostly chosen due to its size, because the equivalent Radeon card for that price is the R7 260X which is a little better or worse depending on who does the benchmark.
RAM 2 x 4GB Kingston HyperX Savage PC3-12800 £59.57 Dual channel ram has given me a good performance boosts in the past, so even though I could get away with just 4 gig, and getting the dual kit only saved a few cents vs buying each stick individually, 8 gig is just better for gaming and 2 x 2GB PC3 was hard to find.
PSU CiT 400w micro ATX £16.08 Dirt cheap and a good size. A little worried about what the company name rhymes with.
Storage Seagate 1TB 7200 sata3 £42.98 This was about the cheapest new type of drive I could find, plus I love Seagate. A smaller 2.5″ would have been much easier to work with considering the size restraints, but I felt I’d rather have digital space than physical space. And you really need room to play games with.
Case Nerf N-Strike Elite Vulcan £75.13 The star of the show, this is going to become my case. Picked from all the other nerf guns because it’s the biggest, and the coolest.
Other Bits
PCI-E riser cable £3.76
Fans, GELID 40mm £8.49
USB wifi £8.47
Perspex £16.60
Total Cost £443.78


Nerf Gun PC Build


I expect my system, at least on paper, to run Ryse pretty well even at full HD. I mean, let’s face it, everyone will want to run their games at native resolutions. I won’t say it’ll run it perfectly because Crysis 3, which Ryse is based upon, only runs well in benchmarks with some details turned down (Ryse is the most demanding GameSessions title!)

Nerf Gun PC Build

The Pentium should do well enough for gaming but I expect there to be some frame rate glitching when it bottlenecks the GPU’s performance. The amount and speed of my RAM will hopefully allow the system to avoid any serious performance issues. Find out how it performed overall in the final results next week!

If you want to test your own machine, Ryse: Son of Rome is the most demanding GameSessions title. Play a free trial and tell us how your machine handles it!

Or test your own machine by playing our most demanding free trials!

Nerf Gun PC Build   Nerf Gun PC Build

Nerf Gun PC Build   Nerf Gun PC Build

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