Villagers: how to survive the winter

Prepare to be thrown back into Medieval times, where you will take on the role of a town-planner. As the leader of a new settlement, you must create a community of your own, and most of all, make sure that your townspeople have the essentials to thrive, not just survive!

Unfortunately during my 60 minute trial, I let my people down, so much so that they didn’t make it through the winter…

Here’s some (hopefully rather handy) tips on making sure your village survives.


Appreciate the storyline

Villagers is as much about the storyline as it is about building a community. As you prepare to collect resources, build shelters and source food for your people, you will be guided through a richly detailed story about the hardships along the way. Villagers is set in Medieval times, where things were far from easy!

villagers 4

Collect wood, but not alllll the wood.

As the message appeared telling me my people wouldn’t survive the winter, I was left wondering what I had done wrong. I can only assume it was this: I got carried away collecting wood, making sure we had plenty to build everything; so much so that my people spent more time collecting than they did building. Unfortunately, this meant that they hadn’t built enough shelters to protect them through the winter, or more precisely, the pharmacy wasn’t finished to keep the sick at bay.

In other words, make sure you collect just enough wood to build the essential buildings, then move on quickly!

villagers 2

Be patient

The downside of all this collecting and building is that it can seem quite time consuming. I couldn’t help but fast-forward (The Sims style) until I could get to the next stage. This might be why my people didn’t make it, they were probably pretty tired of being rushed around! A little more patience wouldn’t go amiss, this is game that’s worth spending time on, not hurrying through.

villagers 3

Make use of the tutorials

If I’d paid more attention to the tutorials, I might have kept my village alive! From the start there is a great deal of dialogue explaining the background of your mission and any challenges you may face. You are then guided through the process of building a village step-by-step (collect wood, build a house, collect stone, build a bridge) which left me pretty relaxed about the whole process. My advice is not to get too relaxed, as although there is a lot of guidance on hand,  you need to prioritise effectively.

villagers 5

Pay attention to the dialogue

Villagers is very much a story-driven game. It’s not focused on building as fast as possible, it’s more about the journey that your people have experienced throughout the whole process. I had a tendency to skip through the dialogue to get building, but it turns out I should have paid attention to more of the finer details (i.e. hurry up, the winter’s coming!)

villagers screenie 1

Play Villagers for yourself

I imagine it’s difficult to read this and understand how I managed to lose my whole community in less than an hour’s gameplay! I feel that way too…

Villagers is easy to pick up & understand, perhaps a little more difficult to master (in my case at least!) Luckily it’s chapter based so you can have a go without having to commit too much time to it.

So, it’s time to show me how it’s done. Go grab a free trial and build a community of your own!

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