Trials vs Demos

Trials vs Demos – What’s the difference?

Here at GameSessions, we offer free trials of PC games. We’ve had many people ask us: ‘Trial? Don’t you mean a demo?’

No! A trial is different to a demo. And this is how…

With a trial you can:


  1. Get the full game

    This means that you can see what the game is really like, not just the best bits selected for a demo. You get to play as much of it as you want within the allocated trial time.


  1. Buy in-game and play on

    If you like the game you can buy it there and then and carry on playing. You don’t have to waste time shopping around, if you buy you play on!


  1. Rent the game

    Want to carry on playing but not sure enough to buy it? You can rent the game to get a better feel for it. Renting by the day can save you wasting money on games that weren’t quite what you expected.


  1. Transfer your trial progress to Steam

    If you buy the game you can pick up where you left off, there’s no need to waste time repeating the first part of the game. No wasted time, no boring repeats, just spend more time on the good bits!


I hope this clarifies the difference between a trial and a demo. If you’re not sure about it, then why not give one of our trials a go and let us know what you think.

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