The Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge: Part 1

With all this talk of Steam Boxes and living room PCs, we decided it was time to give the in-house team a good challenge. After listening to them all talking about hardware and who’d make a better PC, it soon became obvious that there was only one way to find out…The Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge!


Objective: To build the cheapest possible gaming PC suitable for your living room.



We had to set a few rules to make it fair, although it seems that one of our devs has already been picking at them to find loopholes!


Minimum specs:

Must play the the most demanding GameSessions trials at 720p resolution and at a minimum of 30 fps:

Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge   Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge

Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge   Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge


Rules for the Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge:

– Must have wifi.
– Build cost will be calculated as what the team spent on all components in the build, including VAT.
– All components must be purchased new.
– No keyboard, mouse or controller need be included.
– No allowance is needed for the cost of Windows.
– Must include a power supply.
– If a tiebreaker is required, the PC that weighs the least (including power supply) will be the winner.


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See how our teams have been getting on:

A Less Technical Build

Turning a Nerf Gun into a PC

It’s the Cheapest but Will it Run?

The Wise Choice?


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Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge   Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge

Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge   Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge

One thought on “The Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge: Part 1

  1. I’ve put together a spec for an AMD-based PC:

    – AMD FX-4300 Black Edition: £55.76 (This is maybe overkill but still pretty cheap)
    – ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX Motherboard: £27.05
    – CRUCIAL 4GB DDR3 1600: £19.82 < 4GB is enough to run BF4 on my PC (broken RAM, long story) so I reckon this is OK
    – Asus GeForce GT 210 SILENT Low Profile 1024MB: £16.64 < Might not be needed if Radeon HD 3000 integrated graphics is up to scratch
    – Zalman Mini T4 case: £15.88
    – Ezcool 500W ATX Power Supply: £12.99
    – Seagate 3.5" 250GB SATA3 hard drive: £21.08

    Total: £177.94

    Link to LambdaTek for components:

    No keyboard, monitor, Windows. And no optical disk drive (legacy!)

    WiFi on motherboards is rare, so a thumbnail sized WiFi USB dongle would have to do the job. I got my last one for < £5 on EBay, but they are so cheap we'd be nitpicking. Anyway, gaming is best done over Ethernet.

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