Schein: an addictive puzzle-platformer

Schein is the story of a man searching for his missing son through a mysterious swamp. But far from the realms of a slow-paced point-and-click, Schein is a puzzle-platformer which is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

schein 4

Run, jump, fall. Repeat.

The storyline lingers in the background throughout the game, with the occasional narrative to remind you of the long-term mission: to find the missing boy. This will be far from your mind as you delve straight into the swamp; leaping across platforms, dodging thorns, vines and nasty creatures lurking around in this addictive puzzler.


Let the Schein guide you

Like me, you probably didn’t know that ‘Schein’ means ‘light’ in German. Light is a key element in the game to both help and hinder you. This special light will allow you to see extra platforms which are necessary to complete puzzles, but it will also reveal extra barriers to avoid. If you’re as easily confused as I am, this tends to leave you in a frenzy of frantically switching the light on and off to get to the next stage. But despite the amount of attempts this took me, I couldn’t help but find myself hooked and eager to play on!

schein 5

Practice makes perfect

Schein is very much a game of trial and error and although it can seem quite unforgiving at times, it’s far too addictive to quit before you’ve got to the next checkpoint. It is a challenging platformer with the right amount of depth to keep you playing on.


Have a go on your lunch break

To help you progress, Schein is split into neat stages with regular saves. It’s the kind of game that you can pick up where you left off with a spare half hour, or spend a couple of hours playing in an evening. It can seem frustratingly difficult at times, but that sense of achievement as you make it onto the next stage makes it all worthwhile!


Quick to download and play

Best of all, Schein is quick to download and quick to pick up and play – there really is no tutorial needed. This is the perfect game to play on your lunch break due to its short intervals and regular saves but you’re likely to want to keep playing all week as the next level awaits!


Its atmospheric soundtrack helps aid the struggle onto the next level. For a game that requires such great concentration and resilience, it can actually make it feel quite relaxing!

Are you ready to take on the mysterious swamp? Go grab a free trial!

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