Red Faction Guerilla Review – Smash Things Up on Mars!

Red Faction Guerilla has you take on the role of Alec Mason, a member of the Red Faction, and smash things up on Mars. Why? Because its awesome fun, that’s why!

Ok that’s not actually why; the Earth Defence Force (EDF) have started being cartoonishly evil. This has forced the people of Mars to rise up and fight back under the banner of the Red Faction. And the Red Faction’s idea of rising up is blowing up, or knocking down, stuff. So they hand you a giant hammer and a bunch of explosives just before telling you to “go nuts”, and o dear is it fun.

It seems everything on Mars is either built out of cardboard, or you’re some kind of Nordic God with your mighty hammer, because EVERYTHING can be destroyed. You can spend time strategically placing explosive charges, backing away, then pushing the detonator if you’re into getting a sense of smug self-satisfaction. Or, for those of you who need instant gratification, you can run in swinging your mighty hammer until there are no walls standing and the roof falls down on your head. Either way, it’s awesome fun.

Red Faction Guerilla

I keep using “awesome fun” to describe Red Faction Guerilla, but that’s because it is. It’s blowing up and breaking things in a way that is awe inspiring and puts a huge grin on your face. As you sabotage a bridge to fall down on an EDF convoy, then run in, fire rapidly and set off strategically placed explosives, you will feel like a total bad ass.

I guess in short, Mars is a well designed sandbox, full of activities and things to blow up. It’s a sandbox that understands its a play area, and gives the player a reason to have fun and be crazy. There’s also a good story and stuff, but who cares? Just hitting things with a giant hammer is enough. So, in short, go play Red Faction Guerrilla on GameSessions now!

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