Part 2 of the Challenge: The Build!

Since we first announced the Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge a few weeks ago, the teams have been hard at work (some more than others!) Each of the four teams had their own idea of how to go about it, they ordered the parts and built their machines. Take a look at what’s been going on in the office:


Find out more about each of the builds in the PC Challenge:

A non-technical build

Turning a Nerf Gun into a PC

It’s the Cheapest but Will it Run?

The Wise Choice?


Which do you think will be the best all-rounder? Is a £250 build enough to play Ryse: Son of Rome (our most demanding game) in the quality it deserves?

We’ll be testing each of the machines and revealing the final results next week! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on the challenge.

Why now test your own machine with our most demanding free trials?

Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge   Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge

Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge   Cheapest Gaming PC Challenge

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