Our Top 5 Halloween Picks

It’s that time of year again! What better way to celebrate Halloween than by trying out our top 5 spooky games (for free!)

Costume Quest

Halloween Picks - Costume Quest

Costume Quest is the ultimate indie-adventure Halloween game! In this super cute role-playing game, help a group of young friends to rid their neighbourhood of monsters, by trick-or-treating your way through three beautiful environments. Collecting candy, points and other assignments as you go, your costumes will bring you superpowers to help you along. Costume Quest is full of the usual wit and charm from Double Fine Productions and if you haven’t checked it out yet then you really should…


Zombie Army Trilogy

Halloween Picks - Zombie Army Trilogy

Action packed and gore filled Zombie Army trilogy follows in the same vein as the Sniper Elite Series, with everything you need for Halloween: zombies, armoured skeletons, fire demons and chainsaw-wielding elites! Get stuck in and fight to save humanity from the zombie hordes in this apocalyptic third-person shooter!


Whispering Willows

Halloween Picks - Whispering Willows

Guide Elena on the search to find her missing father. By transforming into a ghost and communicating with the dead, you’ll work your way through a series of tricks and puzzles to solve the mysteries of the Willows Mansion. With haunting music and chilling sound effects, Whispering Willows is perfect for puzzle-solvers wanting their Halloween fix!


Alien Breed

Halloween Picks - Alien Breed

With the full trilogy of Alien Breed available to try for free this Halloween, it would be wrong not to give at least one of them a go! Alien Breed is a science fiction arcade-shooter jam-packed with aliens, high-impact weapons and incredibly detailed environments to work your way through. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as Ripley from Alien, then this game definitely gives you a chance to prove your Alien horror survival skills!


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Halloween Picks - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The slower paced, but equally haunting Vanishing of Ethan Carter is one of our more suspense-filled choices: a story-driven mystery game focused on exploration and discovery. Take on the role of private detective Paul Prospero and delve into its stunning environments to discover the mystery behind a dark ancient force lurking in Red Creek Valley.


If you’ve got some time to kill this weekend, why not give them all a go and tell us which is your Halloween favourite and why.

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