Mechanic Escape Giveaway in support of the ME association: ME4ME! (Offer ended 20/09/17)

This time, we are working for a good cause: we are giving away Mechanic Escape to raise awareness and donations to the ME association!

Giveaways in support of charities

From now on, we have decided to use our exposure to highlight and support the work of charities that work on issues close to our hearts. Over the next few months, we’re planning to give away a number of games to raise awareness and money for these charities.

This month, we are giving away Slack Games’ Mechanic Escape in support of the ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also known as CFS) Association. We will donate 100% of our share of any (optional) Steam key sales to the ME Association and users will also have the option to donate directly to the charity within the game.

To claim your free copy of Mechanic Escape, just log in to your GameSessions account and download your copy of the game. Play the game for 5 minutes to activate it and it will then be yours to keep and play forever on GameSessions!

This giveaway will end on Wednesday 20th September so don’t wait, get it while it’s free!

Mechanic EscapeMechanic Escape

Don’t watch TV, play it.

“The game ends up being a cool combination of Super Meat Boy’s insane difficulty and Rayman’s vibrant art style and replayability”
8/10 – The Gamescouts

In a world oppressed by ruthless machines, a stronghold full of die-hard TV-sets resists the persecution. Your lost friends and the lack of resources drive you to take action against the extinction. Brave the dangers and go find your comrades to rescue your species!

Mechanic Escape is a platform game full of infernal chases. In order to find his lost friends, Mech (the hero) doesn’t hesitate to play the human cannonball, to pass throughout high-voltage areas or even dodge the most deadly machines. As if that was not enough, many bosses will take a real pleasure in chasing you to stop your insane journey.

Mechanic Escape is a challenge for the most experienced players, that aims to defy your reflexes. Prepare yourself for a delirious escape combining rhythm and fun. A breathtaking adventure!


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