Lifeless Planet

Lifeless Planet – Explore a new world

Lifeless Planet takes you on a journey to a distant world where you are seemingly alone. As you begin to explore your surroundings, it becomes apparent that there are signs of life after all. This is where the adventure really begins.


As you wander around the vast landscape, it can seem a little difficult at first to figure out where to go and what to do. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of the surrounding environment, finding yourself wandering a little aimlessly. Nevertheless, as you start to look more closely for the clues that surround you, you will begin to not only find your way, but become mesmerised by your surroundings. Walking in the footsteps of previous crew members, you’ll be taken on a journey of puzzles and mysteries that very quickly get you hooked.



The puzzles are not complicated, they are merely a way of guiding your adventure as the story unravels. Believe me, this is a game you’ll want to stick with until the end, as the storyline is worth it. If at first you find the landscape a little repetitive, fear not as the most impressive environments are revealed later on in the game – all 20 of them!



Lifeless Planet has been described as an ‘interactive movie’ which sums up quite nicely the way you will discover its storyline through your interaction – searching for answers by following clues and solving puzzles. It is very much a story-driven game, centred around exploration and filled with suspense.

Paired with a great soundtrack, this atmospheric sci-fi adventure puzzler is well worth checking out. With it’s stunning environments and intriguing storyline you’ll be hooked in no time!

Play a free trial and tell us what you think.

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