International Snooker Review

With the upcoming World Snooker Championships, why not try your hand at International Snooker?

The game is a must for diehard snooker fans, with familiar settings such as the Crucible amongst other renowned snooker venues.

International Snooker Gameplay
Audience and competing players are rendered into realistic 3D environments in familiar competition venues


The game immerses players in its attention to detail, with realistic crowd AI and ambience effects. The crowds will gasp, “ohh” and “ahh” at near misses and applaude difficult shots.

International Snooker Gameplay

The gameplay is simple and intuitive, with fine tuning adjustment controls to make sure your shots are lined up perfectly. In game commentary, from female referee Michaela Tabb, adds to the atmospheric realism in the game. Players can replay, pause, rewind and slo mo played shots. Tournament wins will earn players trophies and achievements can be unlocked for performing certain plays. The challenging gameplay is likely to bring fans back to replay tournaments time and time again.

International Snooker Gameplay
Players can practice snooker or pool before tournaments in a Rileys Pool and Snooker hall


Overall International Snooker is a well designed and straightforward game for PC – for both snooker and non-snooker fans alike.
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