Humble Game of the Week: WWE 2K17

The Humble Game of the Week is back! Through our partnership with Humble Bundle, we’re offering you an extended free trial of a game which you will have a whole week to access.

We’re back with our friends at Humble to offer you the next Humble Game of the Week, the smash hit wrestling sensation WWE 2K17.

You can access each Humble Game of the Week through the Humble Store. Simply download a free trial to play over 20 hours of WWE 2K17 for free. If you enjoy it, you can buy in-game with an exclusive 40% discount and play on instantly, while transferring your progress over to Steam. You want some? Come get some!

WWE 2K17 Humble Game of the Week    WWE 2K17 Humble Game of the Week

Welcome to Suplex City, courtesy of cover Superstar Brock Lesnar! WWE 2K17 returns as the reigning, defending, champion of fighting video games! WWE 2K17 features realistic graphics, ultra-authentic gameplay, and the largest roster to date featuring your favorite WWE and NXT Superstars and Legends.

Experience the most authentic WWE gameplay ever, featuring thousands of new moves and animations, backstage and in-arena brawling, and the biggest roster of WWE and NXT Superstars and Legends to date.

Create and develop your custom WWE with the deepest Creation Suite to date, featuring new creation options such as Create a Video, Create a Victory and a Highlight Replay system. New features and additional content allow you to create the most amazing custom Superstars, Arenas, and Championships.

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