How do you discover new PC games?

A few weeks back we asked you guys how you discover new PC games. We wondered whether Steam sales are the way to go, whether it’s all about your mates’ Facebook posts or if it’s reviews and Youtube videos that are more likely to tempt you.

How do you discover new PC games?

How do you discover new PC games?


Yes, I know it’s only a survey but I actually find the results quite interesting.
I don’t think anyone was surprised by the prevalence of Steam sales and browsing to discover new PC games, it’s the biggest game distribution platform on the planet after all, so that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone.

However, what did surprise me was the amount of people who still use reviews to discover games they might want to play/purchase. Growing up, the “gaming press” was where we went for our gaming news and reviews (subscriptions to PlayStation Magazine were a regular Christmas gift), but these days I figured respecting the traditional games press was a thing people just didn’t do. What with these kiddos and their youtubes. But it was nice to see that I was completely wrong, and that both traditional press and Youtube hold an important place in gamer’s minds.

It’s quite common for people to disregard the influence that advertising has in their decision to buy a game, but I wonder how much of an impact it actually does have (subconsciously of course). I’m certainly more aware of new title releases (that I don’t even care about) than I should be, and get strange feelings of déjà vu when a new title is officially released on Steam.

Subconscious stuff aside, there are people out there (some of whom may be in this very office!) who chose to watch the Fallout 4 trailer, on repeat, about 30 times in a row.

Lastly, to the tiny percent of you who said your friend’s opinions aren’t important, I bet you’re really fun at parties.

Anyway guys, as I said, those were some very surface level readings that I thought you might find interesting and a good jumping off point for a conversation. Let us know what you make of these results in the comments below, and if you haven’t already, then tell us how you discover new PC games.

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