Hitman: Absolution Giveaway! (Offer ends 13/02/2019)

Become the Original Assassin with GameSessions’ latest Giveaway: Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution Giveaway

Play as cold-blooded assassin Agent 47 and take down enemies with original and innovative stealth-based tactics. Play the game your way and improvise on the fly. Use disguises and your instinct to blend into the shadows and deceive your enemies. 

We are offering you the chance to become one with the Original Assassin FOR FREE! So sneak in and grab our latest third-person stealth-based shooter Giveaway: Hitman: Absolution.

If you are looking to add Hitman: Absolution to your Steam library, we’re offering a deal to buy a key for $5.00 (75% off) in-game or on our game page.

After reading your feedback, we have decided to change how our overlays work. You might now occasionally see messages from GameSessions and our sponsors in a small pop-up in the corner of your screen. However, you will still be able to press Shift-Tab to access purchase options.

To claim your free copy of the game, just log in to your GameSessions account and download Hitman: Absolution. Play the game for 5 minutes to activate it and it will then be yours to keep forever on GameSessions!

Please note that Online Contract mode no longer available on any service as the central server has been shut down. Other elements of gameplay are not affected by this.

You need to activate the game before Wednesday 13th February (10:00 UTC)!

In-game shot of Agent 47 hiding Hitman: Absolution scoping in on unaware enemy in game

Will I like Hitman: Absolution?

Not sure if you will like the game? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our Hitman: Absolution Quick Start Guide part of a new series of Guides brought to you by our very own in-house team! If you’re not sure about the game mechanics, style or pace this guide will help you. Share and like the guide if you enjoy it!

How long is the game?

The main story will probably take most players around 13 hours to complete. To finish the main story and extras it will probably take around 20 hours. If you are more of a completionist then you could be playing for 33 hours. There are 20 chapters in Hitman: Absolution’s campaign. The missions have a wide variety of possible executions so you might want to play some of the missions several times and perhaps try out some of the different difficulty settings.

What are the difficulty settings?

There are three difficulty levels aimed at new players, players looking to experiment and veterans.

Casual – with new players in mind, casual offers an easier way to play the game and interact with the world without having to worry about failing the game.

Professional – this is the default difficulty setting and aims to give the best of both worlds. Offering players a chance to feel like a true assassin and experiment using the mechanics of the game and your own playstyle to take down your target.

Master – if you like a challenge, you will love the games Master difficulty setting. Expect combat to be hard and NPCs that are more aware of what is going on around them. Your stealth skills will need to be on point for this mode!

Download your copy of Hitman: Absolution now!


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16 thoughts on “Hitman: Absolution Giveaway! (Offer ends 13/02/2019)

  1. Thanks a lot people. In the past couple of months you have given away several good quality games. You deserve to have your business growing. I’ll purchase some games from you when I find one that I like. Thanks again.

    1. Sorry to hear that 🙁 Please could you raise a ticket here https://support.gamesessions.com and send us your logs so that we can try and determine where the problem comes from?
      To do that, open the folder C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Temp\gamesessions, and find hooking.log.
      An easy way to do this is to press the Windows key and type %temp%\gamesessions which will open this folder for you.

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