GRID Giveaway! (Offer ends 31/05/2018)

Racing games fans, rejoice! This month’s giveaway brings you GRID, completely free as always.

Racing Giveaway

We’re back with a new giveaway for the racing fans: GRID! This beautiful and intense game is a staple of the racing genre.

If you want to add GRID to your Steam library, we’re offering a deal to buy a key for $2.99 (80% off) in-game or on the game page. If you played it on GameSessions before buying it, you will be able to transfer your progress to the Steam copy of the game.

Every hour or so, an overlay will show in-game to get feedback from you and show information about the game. You might occasionally see messages from GameSessions and our sponsors, as well as a branded window that appears for 5 seconds after closing the game.

To claim your free copy of the game, just log in to your GameSessions account and download GRID. Play the game for 5 minutes to activate it and it will then be yours to keep forever on GameSessions!

You need to activate the game before the giveaway ends, on Thursday 31st May (10:00 UTC)!


High-octane racing

Featuring only the very best and most powerful race cars – new and classic, circuit and drift – you’ll compete to conquer the most prestigious official race tracks and championships and then go beyond to compete in challenging city-based competitions, road events, and urban street races.

The high-octane races will have your heart pumping as you encounter engine failure, tire blowouts, tight overtaking, accidents, opponent cars flipping, spinning, collisions with other cars and trackside objects all in beautifully rendered in Codemasters’ own Ego engine.

Become a champion and build your own team to compete at unique race locations around the world. In Europe, test your skills on the greatest official race circuits in prestige marques including Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and Pagani. Enter street competitions and race high performance V8 muscle cars through iconic cities including San Francisco, Washington DC and Detroit.

In the Far East, Japanese racing culture sets the tone where night races, including Drift racing, take you through neon illuminated cities and to outlying mountain roads. Gentlemen, start your engines, put your pedal to the metal, and get ready for hot racing action in Race Driver GRID.



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2 thoughts on “GRID Giveaway! (Offer ends 31/05/2018)

  1. A pretty good game for the most part, also very optimized, can even run well on Toasters on low settings 😛

    If you’re new to Racing and don’t know what you like yet, you should definitely give this a try, it has Muscle Car Races to Open Wheel, to Le Mans, to Drift Battles and Japanese Touge, really covering a lot, unfortunately that means there isn’t that much to each category though.

    Just remember to not turn off any assists other than transmission, because the AI will ALWAYS have them on and has been adjusted with that in mind, so yeah, don’t touch that unless you’re feeling Masochistic 😉

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