Grid Autosport Giveaway

GRID Autosport Giveaway! (Offer ends 29/05/2019)

Thrills, aggression, endurance and authentic handling. Our latest Giveaway of GRID Autosport has it all.

GRID Autosport – Giveaway

28 tracks, more fast and furious cars than you can shake a steering wheel at, and 6 different disciplines to test out. GRID Autosport blurs the line between sim and arcade, with better graphics and improved hud from the first Grid, and you can get it for free in our latest Giveaway!

If you are looking to add GRID Autosport to your Steam library, we’re offering a deal to buy a key for $10 (75% off) in-game or on our game page.

To claim your free copy of the game, just log in to your GameSessions account and download GRID Autosport. Play the game for 5 minutes to activate it and it will then be yours to keep forever on GameSessions!

You need to activate the game before Wednesday 29th May!

In game race action in GRID Autosport Taking in the track and crowds in GRID Autosport

Why would I like this game?

If you are a fan of racing games you definitely need to give GRID Autosport a try. You have the choice of 6 disciplines so you can try them all or play the one that suits your play-style. While it’s not an arcade racer, it’s not a true sim either, finding a niche slot between the two.

Tuner – Mod your car and test its limits in Drift and Time Attack events.

Touring – Feeling aggressive? Don’t be afraid to nudge your competitors to take your place at the front of the pack.

Endurance – Extended nighttime races will test your mental strength. Push yourself and your car to the limit to win.

Open Wheel – If you strive for perfection, accuracy and the fastest lap-times this mode was made for you. Hit the perfect racing line to win.

Street – Take on the moody and perilous streets to test your driving skills to the max. Who knows what the next bend will have in store.

Party Mode – Do you have what it takes to last in Demolition Derby? Stay out of last place or you’ll run the risk of elimination!

There are a number of cars available for each discipline including BMW 320 Touring Car, Audi R8 LMS Ultra, Dallara F312, Ford Mustang Boss 302 , Nissan 2005 (R34) Nismo GT-R Z-Tune, McLaren F1 GT just to name a few. So, if you are a car enthusiast there are plenty for you to try around the tracks. 

Speaking of tracks, there are 28 race locations, all with varying difficulty levels. You can drive around the Algarve, Barcelona, Dubai and Silverstone. Our personal favourites include Paris for the beautiful views, Yas Marina Circuit and Silverstone – which is a must for any race fan.

Download your copy of GRID Autosport now! You can also check out our Quick Start Guide to find out more about the game, or get some tips on how to play.

Tell us about your favourite track and car, and why they are your favourite in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “GRID Autosport Giveaway! (Offer ends 29/05/2019)

  1. I have already received the installed game and cannot start the game, even though my computer configuration can play GRID 2. How can I play for 5 minutes when I can’t start the game?

    1. Hi gacon,
      Thanks for your post and sorry you are having problems. If you could raise a ticket here we can try and help you fix the problem. You may want to include your logs which can be found by going to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\gamesessions in your windows file explorer.

      An easy way to do this is to press the Windows key and type %temp%\gamesessions which will open this folder for you.

      Attach the files ‘gsrunner.log’ and ‘hooking.log’ to your ticket response.


  2. cuando instalo cualquier juego de la plataforma me aparece este error, Hay un problema con la red. Seguiremos intentando establecer la conexión.
    Se ha terminado la conexión: No se puede establecer una relación de confianza para el canal seguro SSL/TLS

    1. Podría ser su antivirus o Firewall bloqueando la conexión. Puede intentar apagarlos y verificar si esto resuelve el problema. Natalie.

      It could be your antivirus or Firewall blocking the connection. You could try turning them off and checking if this resloves the issue. Natalie.

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