GameShadow is now part of the GameSessions family!

The GameSessions family grows everyday. We recently reached one million users. Today, we take a step further and welcome GameShadow.

What is GameShadow?

GameShadow is a gaming community website, and was a service that offered up-to-date patches, game demos, and mods for PC users.

It was originally bundled with PC games, such as Tomb Raider: Legend, or Hitman: Blood Money.

What does this mean for GameShadow users?

GameShadow users can now benefit from GameSessions features. These include:

Free Trials

We offer many games to try completely free. You can transfer your progress to Steam if you chose to buy a key, but with GameSessions you can try before you buy.

Game Giveaways

GameSessions regularly offers games for free. All you have to do is download and play the game for five minutes during the giveaway period; the game will then be yours forever on your GameSessions account!

Steam Keys

You can buy Steam keys during or at the end of your trial, or on our website for selected games.

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