Final Build of the PC Challenge – The Wise Choice?


For the final build of the PC Challenge we wanted to build an APU based machine that would allow playing fairly recent AAA titles with playable FPS. This makes the machine a good starting point for someone wanting to try out PC gaming without breaking the bank. Plus, if they enjoy PC gaming the CPU is strong enough to support upgrading to a more powerful, discrete, GPU. Allowing the machine to play much more demanding games, without the need to replace any other parts. We also included a 3rd party CPU cooler for overclocking, which can be omitted from the build if there’s no plan to overclock.


8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 2133MHz £42.49
Kingston 60GB SSD £31.66
Asus A55BM-E AMD A55 DDR3 Micro ATX £29.16
AMD A10 7700K Black Edition 3.5GHz £92.12
EVGA 430W 80 Plus £27.49
Zalman T1 Plus Mini-Tower £16.66
Xigmatek Loki II Heatpipe £14.16
Wireless PCI Express Adapter £7.46
Total: £297.27


This may be the second cheapest in the challenge, but we think this machine is built to last.


The Build

Everything went to plan other than a missing IO plate. Initially we suspected that it had been hidden by another team to handicap our superior build…

But it still hasn’t turned up yet, so I guess it was missing from the box.

         Final BuildFinal Build


Prospects for the final build?

We’re very confident that the CPU is more than powerful enough for all the games we are going to be testing against. We are just a little bit sceptical about how well the APU will run Ryse: Son of Rome as it is the most demanding game GPU wise. We looked for benchmarks but came up short with this CPU and game combo.

This is the main reason we decided to invest in higher clocked RAM to try to squeeze a few more frames out of the APU. Other than the PSU which was picked so it could power a discreet GPU later on where chosen based on price. The strong CPU will also make this a good at CPU intensive tasks like, compression and multi tasking.

Results of the challenge to be revealed next week!

Test your own machine by playing our most demanding free trials!

Final Build   Final Build

Final Build   Final Build


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