Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Epistory – hit the keys to victory

Epistory: Typing Chronicles is the first typing game I’ve ever played. This might not be surprising, as it tends not to be a genre that stands out, but I think Epistory could change that.


So what’s Epistory all about?

Epistory is a beautifully unique adventure game that takes you on a journey as a girl riding a giant three tailed fox through a world that unravels as you explore. There are many different environments to be discovered, full of creatures (both small and sweet and big and nasty!) to enter combat with or follow along the way.

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

The storyline

The story surrounds you as you explore. Words appear next to you to narrate the adventure, guiding you along the way. I felt this was a lovely way of providing narration without interfering with gameplay.

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

What kind of game is it?

Epistory is not a game that’s focused on combat, it’s about discovery and exploration. It’s hard not to become engrossed in your surroundings, admiring all the finer details and even learning new names for things you’ve never heard of and trying to type correctly. Dark, eerie and hostile environments open out to lush green surroundings with cute little bunnies hopping around! It’s a constant surprise which certainly keeps you on your toes.

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

How long does it last?

After playing the free 60 minute trial, I must admit I was keen to play on, wondering what realms I was yet to discover.  I was eager to solve more puzzles, fight off more nasty critters and see what beautiful environments were yet to come. There’s certainly enough to keep you playing for much longer.

It’s easy to become hooked, focused on fighting off whatever gets in your way by typing the words shown as fast as you can. This can get really intense as you progress and find that there are several huge ugly bugs coming towards you and you’re trying to read all the words at once to kill them off!

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

How difficult is it?

I found the combat to be challenging enough, without becoming too stressful. There are extended combat scenes, but mostly just casual encounters, enabling you to explore at a leisurely pace while keeping an eye out at all times (remember to keep pressing the spacebar to display words to type to get you those points!)

Epistory has adaptive difficulty which means that the level of difficulty adapts to the way you play. I found the level to be spot on, which is impressive for my poor typing accuracy, so it must be pretty adaptive!

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Extra abilities

As you collect more points, you gain access to additional abilities. This allows you to move faster, get more time on a combo or reveal hidden chests on the map. It’s worth keeping an eye on these to cash in those points and make use of them as soon as you can.

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Grab a free trial

Epistory is beautiful, immersive, adaptive and just generally pretty spot on. The sudden combats are challenging enough to keep you engaged, while the stunning surroundings leave you mesmerised the whole way through.

Fed up of me saying how great Epistory is?

Go grab a free trial!

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